KSAT Community Spotlight Feature: THRU Project

Nonprofit THRU Project supports San Antonio foster youth

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SAN ANTONIOEach month, KSAT COMMUNITY will feature a nonprofit organization to give it a spotlight to raise awareness for its cause. 

This month we are featuring the THRU Project, which supports San Antonio foster youth as they age out of the foster care system.

These youths are often alone with no adult in their life to guide them through this critical time of transition.


Facts about foster youth & what happens after foster care

  • 60% will not receive a high school diploma by age 18

  • 40% will be homeless by age 19

  • 60% will become pregnant by age 18

Many former foster youths end up pregnant, homeless or incarcerated.

THRU Project's call-to-action

Elaine Andries Hartle, THRU Project CEO/co-founder, said, " Our primary goal is to match foster kids with a mentor. The mentor provides guidance and support as these kids are learning to live independently from foster care."

Emelia Hernandez, THRU Project mentee, has a mentor who has become a role model in her life, Margarita Hubbard.

Hernandez said, "We don't have parents to run to. Our mentors are like our second parent. We look up to them. It feels so good when Margarita picks up the phone and calls me. I can tell her is thank you."

Hubbard said, "I feel that I have an internal responsibility to help them as much as I can."

How you can become a mentor

  • Be 21 years or older

  • Pass a background check

  • Attend one, two-hour training program

Hartle said, "We just ask that you meet once a month with your youth, and then the rest of it really is texting and calling. It takes a lot to build that relationship."

If you would like to be a mentor with the THRU Project, you can apply here .

For more information on the THRU Project, you can visit thruproject.org or call 210-852-0220.

Thank you to all of our KSAT COMMUNITY partners: Energy TransferSan Antonio Area Chevy Dealers and University Health System for making a difference and making these community outreach events possible.

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