Helpful tips to stay safe this summer!

KSAT Community partners want to make sure your family stays safe this summer

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SAN ANTONIOSince it's already getting to be 90 degrees in San Antonio, this month KSAT Community partners are raising awareness about how you and your family can stay safe this summer.

Check out some of the tips to keep in mind on hot summer days:

  • Always check your car before you leave; never leave children or animals unattended in hot cars, even if it's just for a few minutes
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Dress lightly and avoid wearing black clothing when it's 100 degrees
  • Make sure you wear sunglasses during the day
  • Keep your home cool during the summer, especially if you have pets and infants 
  • Properly supervise children while they are swimming and playing outside in the heat 
  • Verify that seat belts and car seat restraints are not too hot for children before buckling them up

Stay tuned to KSAT12 for more updates on how you can stay safe this summer.

Thanks to our KSAT Community partners, Energy Transfer, San Antonio Area Chevy Dealers and University Health System, for making a difference in the city of San Antonio.

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