Chef Geronimo Lopez Recipe

Cuitalcoche Risotto


SAN ANTONIOCuitlacoche Risotto

Yield: varies

Ingredients                                            Amounts



Arborio rice                                                1   quart

White onion, small dice                             1   ea.

Garlic, minced                                            7   cloves

Huitlacoche, canned                                  1   can

Huitlacoche, fresh/frozen                         1   cup

Butter, unsalted                                        as   needed (for sweating/mounting)

Parmesan cheese, grated                          as   needed

Vegetable stock                                         as   needed

White wine                                                as   needed

Kosher salt                                                 to   taste


Cotija Bechamel:

AP flour                                                  2/3   cup   

Butter, unsalted                                      1/2   cup

White onion, minced                                 ½   ea.

Milk, whole                                                 3   qts. (approximately)

Salt                                                             to   taste  

Cotija cheese, crumbled                             2   lbs.



1.      Risotto:  Sweat the onion in butter until soft.  Add the Arborio rice and parch.  Add the white wine and vegetable stock (1:1), while stirring the risotto constantly with a wooden spoon.  Cook until the risotto is half-way done.  It should still have a slightly crunchy mouth feel.  Spread out on a sheet tray and allow to cool completely.  Reserve for service.

2.      Bechamel:  Sweat onion in butter.  Add flour, stirring constantly until "wet sand" consistency is achieved.  Add milk, whisking constantly, until the béchamel thickens.  Continue to whisk and cook the mixture for at least 5 minutes.  Add the cotija cheese and adjust seasoning and liquid for flavor and consistency.  Cool.  Reserve for service. 

3.      Huitlacoche mix:  Combine 1 can huitlacoche, 1 cup fresh/frozen huitlacoche, and ½ ea. Fresh onion (minced) and reserve for use at pick-up.

4.       To pick up:  In a saute pan, add 3 oz of par-cooked rice mixture, 2 oz cuitlacoche mixture, and vegetable stock and simmer until correct consistency is achieved.  Mount with butter and parmesan cheese.  Rectify seasoning.