Mini pig named Spam stolen from Ohio family

Family pleads for safe return of 15-pound pet

CLEVELAND – An Ohio woman says a part of her family was taken from their home this week: a miniature pet pig named Spam.

Two TVs, several pieces of jewelry and a camera were also stolen, WEWS reported, but the family said they would happily give up their possessions to have their tiny family member back.

Valerie Couch has raised Spam since he was a piglet, WEWS reported. The family has a dog and a cat, too, but they were left safely in the home.

"It's just sad somebody would do this," Couch told WEWS. "My guess is they just want to sell him and make some money. But, you know, he's part of our family. Keep the electronics, but don't take somebody's pet."

The family is pleading for Spam's safe return, WEWS reported.

"He's a spitfire, so he's probably driving somebody crazy right now," Couch told WEWS. "So just bring him back to his home where we can take care of him the right way."