Rescue group finds dog frozen to ground

Injured dog survives car crash, cold in Michigan


A dog survived after being hit by a car and spending the night frozen to the ground in Flint, Michigan, WJRT reported.

Streethearts Animal Rescue organizer Bill Heatley said a witness saw the dog get hit by a car on New Year's Eve, WJRT reported.

"This is not a stray dog, this is somebody's loved pet," Heatley told WJRT. "(The witness) heard the impact, looked out, heard the dog cry, looked out to run to her backyard. As soon as he entered her backyard, he went and laid down at the back of the yard and didn't move for over 24 hours."

The witness then called 911, WJRT reported, and Heatley was notified. 

"When I got to the point where I meant to move him, I had wrapped him and I went to lift the blanket and it wouldn't move," Heatley told WJRT. "I actually had to peel him off the ice."

The dog, nicknamed Feliz, has a bad leg injury, but is alive and stable, WJRT reported.


Heatley told WJRT that the rescue group hopes the dog's owner comes forward or that the group can find a new home for him.