14 things you'll need for the perfect beach day

Life's a beach with these helpful items!

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Now that summer is officially here, a trip to the beach needs to be added to everyone's summer bucket list. 

While you can keep the trip basic with your ordinary beach towel and some toys to build a sand castle, why not amp it up this summer so you can have the ultimate beach party with all your friends?

Below you will find an expansive list of beach essentials like a nice towel, beach blanket and a roomy tote bag. You'll also find some items that will elevate your beach game, like floating Koozies for your drinks or an inflatable beach couch. Basically, we're bringing the party to the beach. Here are 14 super-helpful things that will complete your ultimate beach day. 

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1.) A quick-dry beach towel 

You gotta make the most of your time at the beach, and this quick-dry towel will do just the trick when you're ready to leave the beach and don't want to lug around soggy towels. It also comes in five different colors, with a traveling sack for easy transportation. 

2.) A portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

You can't have a day at the beach without some tunes! This portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is made with eco-friendly bamboo and has solar-powered charging abilities so you can listen to music on the beach for hours on end. 

3.) This super-spacious beach blanket

Sure, lying out a towel will shield you from the hot sand, but this beach blanket that comes in at 9 feet by 10 feet has enough room for you and some friends to relax on. The blanket has pouches on the outer edges that you can fill with sand to keep the blanket down, and easily packs up into a lightweight stuff sack. 

4.) This hilarious beach hat

Who doesn't love a good pun? Not only will this floppy beach hat protect you from the sun, but it will (hopefully) make your fellow beachgoers laugh a little. 

5.) An inflatable air sofa

Is this inflatable sofa a little extra? Yes. Do you look ridiculous running around trying to muster up enough wind to fill the empty sofa with air? Absolutely! Will you be beyond comfy once it's all set up and all your other friends are just lying on towels staring at you in jealousy? You're darn right!  

6.) These cup holders that stay perfectly in the sand

Whoever invented these cup holders that protect your drinks from sand deserves all of the Nobel Peace Prizes for the rest of eternity. Long gone are the days of taking a sip of your ice-cold lemonade and tasting gritty sand. Plus, they come in fun colors and are relatively inexpensive, so go buy all of them and impress your friends. 

7.) This giant inflatable flamingo

Look, if you're having a beach party (or even a pool party) and there isn't at least one giant inflatable toy in the shape of a flamingo, a unicorn, a swan or a pineapple, then you're not doing summer correctly. You're welcome. 

8.) These inflatable flamingo Koozies

OK, I know I said that the person who invented the sand cup holder deserved all the awards, but these inflatable Koozies that are shaped like flamingos are pure genius. Now you can rest assured that your drink won't spill in the ocean or lake, and you're staying on theme with the flamingos! 

9.) A pop-up beach tent

Let's be honest -- part of the reason for going to the beach is to soak up the sun, just like Sheryl Crow told us to, but moderation is key to enjoying the sun. Take this lightweight pop-up tent with you to the beach so you can escape the sun so you don't end up like a boiled lobster. 

10.) A beach wagon

You're going to need something to carry all your new beach accessories, right? This durable wagon can fit all of the towels, beach blankets and giant flamingos your heart desires. Oh, and we didn't even mention the best part — this bad boy folds up and collapses to just 10 inches thick, so it's super easy to keep in the car and use for other tasks, like going to the farmers market or going to the park. 

11.) This tiny tent for your baby

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen in your entire life? This little baby tent has a mini-pool where they can splash around while staying covered from the sun. How perfect is that? 

12.) This fabulous beach umbrella

This umbrella can go anywhere with you, and no better place than the beach to set it up to find some shade. The top of it tilts in all different directions so you can control how much sun you're getting. 

13.) This spacious tote bag

You're going to need some extra room for those flip-flops, sunscreen and sunglasses while walking from the car to the beach. 

14.) And finally, a bunch of beach balls. 

It wouldn't be a proper beach party without some beach balls to hit around! This pack of five beach balls will keep the kids entertained, and can be used for a fun game of volleyball or just to have and bounce around. 

And now that you're got all of your beach day must-haves, get out there and soak up the sun! We've only got this perfect weather for a few more months! 

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