Camping trip in the works? 12 things you need that will make your life a million times easier

Need to get off the grid this summer and enjoy the great outdoors? It doesn't matter if you're hiking through the woods, setting up camp on a beach or "glamping" with your massive RV, having the correct gear can help make nature feel a little bit more like home.

Below you'll find 12 camping items that will elevate your camping trip from a five - to a 10. 

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1.) A propane stove

Just because you're camping doesn't mean that you can't eat well. This propane stove does the exact same job that your stove does at home, so don't hold back when it comes to making something delicious at the campsite. 

2.) This LED camping light and fan

Talk about a two for one! Not only do you have a great lantern for when it gets dark, but it also works as a ceiling fan to provide an extra breeze on a hot day. This is what we mean by next-level camping! 

3.) This hilarious camping hat

When you're camping, everyone is allowed to look a little less glam than usual. That's why this cheeky hat is perfect for all the haters. Bye! 

4.) A fancy cot to sleep on

This ain't your mom's regular cot from back in the day. This is a straight-up inflatable mattress on a bed frame. No sleeping on the ground for you on this trip! 

5.) This coffee maker

Coffee is just as essential when camping, if not more. This coffee maker fits right on your propane stove and brews the perfect cup of joe. Is there nothing better than coffee and the great outdoors? 

6.) A light-weight sleeping bag

Not only does this sleeping bag come in an assortment of fun colors, but it packs up super small and will keep you warm at night. 

7.) This bug zapper and lantern

OK, now we're convinced that a lantern can be built into anything! This lantern combo comes with a bug zapper. You'll still probably want to coat yourself in some bug spray, but these zappers will still help. 

8.) A camping sink

This might be entering "glamping" territory, but we guarantee once you use this camping sink you will never be able to imagine camping without one. Obviously you will be able to wash your hands and keep clean, but cooking pots and pans, plates and utensils will also be able to get clean. 

9.) A shower bag

Just fill this bad boy up with some water and you've got yourself a refreshing outdoor shower. These are especially great if you're camping somewhere that isn't near a lake or river. 

10.) This huge tent

You're gonna need somewhere to sleep, right? This tent is pretty long, so it can fit into a tight space at the campsite, but it has plenty of room on the inside. Set up your air mattress and new, fancy cot and you're in camping paradise. 

11.) This solar-powered charger

It's 2018, and sometimes it's hard to go camping and keep your phone charged if you want to check your emails. This solar-powered charger is the perfect thing to bring with you, and it also works as a light.

12.) And finally, this hiking pack

Sure, you could bring all your clothes and things in a duffel bag, but if you've got a little hike to your campsite, this pack is going to come in handy. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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