Dream internship alert: Get paid $100 an hour to play with puppies

Get yourself a 'pupternship' at a popular restaurant

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While some college-aged students may intern at the top ad agency in town or maybe at a bustling local newspaper that will look fabulous on their resume, others will go on to snag what could possibly be the greatest internship on the face of this Earth: getting paid $100 an hour to play with puppies. 

This internship (that was clearly sent from the heavens above) is offered by MUTTS Canine Cantina, a dog-friendly, Texas-based restaurant and park. The restaurant announced on their Instagram that they were opening a new location if Fort Worth and were looking for a new "puptern" that will earn a cool $100 an hour. 

All you have to do is post a video on Instagram explaining why you would make the perfect puptern for MUTTS. They are looking for creativity, puppy-petting skills and friendliness. You just have to post the video, add a couple hashtags and tag MUTTS and you have applied. 


Now get out there and apply so you can make the rest of us insanely jealous!  


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