7 Father's Day gifts for the dad who's still a kid at heart

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It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Fortunately for childre, there are the dads who will always be kids at heart.

If your dad, or someone you love, is one of those guys, we have the perfect gifts for you.

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To be fair, I'm not sure I know a man who wouldn't love this gift, so this one is a sure-win. There are seriously too many cool things about this gift to even mention. It has a built-in return-to-home function, a Wi-Fi camera that takes high-quality video and aerial photos, a follow-me mode and so much more. 

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The 'legendary dad' T-shirt

When all else fails, the "fun dad" T-shirt always wins. Because what dad wouldn't love to be referred to as "The man. The myth. The legend?"

Ultimate lounging bean bag chair

My husband is a 46-year-old man who asks on a regular basis if he can have a bean bag. What is it about bean bag chairs that make you feel like a kid again? And they're so comfortable!

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Beer-loving brewer's kit

If your dad likes beer, this is such a cool gift! My brother brewed his own beer and I am here to tell you, that was some good stuff! This is a unique and thoughtful gift that any beer connoisseur will appreciate.

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This cool-guy scooter

Besides the fact that it's foldable -- which means it's easy to carry or store --  the height of the handlebars can also be adjusted. Also, it's a scooter. A scooter! I will be happy to borrow this from anyone who gets this gift.

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LED cornhole set

Dad can kick back with one of his home-brewed beers and play a few rounds with friends or the children. The coolest thing about this gift has got to be the LED boards. Play day or night! (You can thank me for this awesome gift idea later).

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Smart TV

You don't have to spend a ton of money on TVs anymore to get a quality product. This one is small enough that it won't take up an entire wall, but it can go where dad would prefer (and even be mobile). No need to try to explain to dad how to hook up Roku, or anything of the sort.

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