Man smoking out skunks starts house fire

House was 'complete loss,' authorities say


A Michigan man used a smoke bomb to get rid of skunks in a crawlsapce. It worked -- but also set his house on fire.

A Michigan man threw a smoke bomb in his crawlspace to get rid of a skunk infestation -- and he started a fire that destroyed his house and most of his possessions.

"We suggest citizens hire pest control professionals. However, if one is an absolute die-hard do-it-yourselfer, please read and understand the directions and warning labels before applying an incendiary (smoke bomb) to your home or garage,"  Ferndale Fire Chief Kevin P. Sullivan told the Detroit Free Press.

When firefighters arrived Monday, the fire had spread to the first floor of the rental home, the newspaper reported.

The house was a complete loss, Sullivan told the newspaper.

“The occupant lost most (of) his possessions, the structure was severely damaged, fire burned through the floor and the roof, several access holes were cut to fully extinguish the fire," Sullivan said.

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