These maps were made using data received from the City of San Antonio on Sep. 17. They're a snapshot of the street and sidewalk conditions at the time and may have changed since then. On each map, use your scroll wheel or the plus and minus buttons to zoom in on a particular area.

ROAD RATINGS: Sections of street are color-coded to correspond to the "A" through "F" rating the city has given them. The legend shows what color represents each grade and the percentage of city streets given a particular grade. "No survey" indicates the street is new or recently fixed and has not yet been rated again.

ROAD CONDITIONS & POVERTY:  The pavement conditions are overlaid with poverty data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Orange indicates poorer areas, and green indicates wealthier areas.

SIDEWALKS: Streets with sidewalk are in blue. Those without it are red. Zoom in to see individual sides of a street.