Auto 101: Helpful tips on purchasing a pre-owned car

CarFax can be used for researching pre-owned cars, or ask local dealerships

SAN ANTONIO – Are you interested in purchasing a pre-owned car?

Car shopping can be difficult if you're not sure what to look for when investing in a previously owned vehicle.

Blaine Waddell, used car director at North Park Toyota of San Antonio, has some helpful tips on how you can shop for pre-owned cars and get the best deal.

"For pre-owned cars, you want to look into ownership history, that's probably the first thing you want to look at," said Waddell.

Waddell said a great guide for researching pre-owned cars is CarFax.

CarFax will allow you to look at the history of the car you are interested in purchasing. 

"Most of the large dealers will offer this as a free service," Waddell said. "You can see exactly where the car has been -- if it's been in a flood or had structural damage."

Helpful tips while purchasing a pre-owned vehicle:

  • Check to see if all the panels are clean.
  • Try to look at the car on a clear day rather than an overcast day.
  • Make sure all the paint matches.
  • Take the car for a long test drive.

"The test drive aspect is probably the most important thing you're going to want to do with a pre-owned car," Waddell said.

Why should I care about certified pre-owned vehicles? 

"The certified pre-owned option will allow a customer to know if something were to happen to that vehicle, they can take it to any Toyota dealership, or any major manufacturer in the nation, and have that car serviced," said Waddell. 

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Information courtesy of North Park Toyota of San Antonio. This is a sponsored article.

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