12 On Your Side: CBD investigation, gift card scam, and a turkey no-no.

This week’s consumer roundup from Marilyn Moritz!

CBD investigation, gift card scam, and a turkey no-no.

Doesn’t it seem like it was just August? And, here we are, talking turkey already.

I hope you caught our story this week on CBD. You can find the oils and gummies and creams all kinds of places. And I’ve talked to people who swear by it for easing everything from pain to anxiety. Business is booming so fast, but regulations are lagging way behind. So, we wondered: Does the amount of CBD listed on the label match what’s in the bottle or package? We bought some CBD products at random and sent them to an accredited lab for testing.

The results were pretty surprising and all over the place.

Do CBD products contain what they claim?

‘Tis the season for gift card buying and gift card Grinches. We spoke with a couple who swiped their gift card only to find out it had already been used. There wasn’t a penny left on it. There’s a happy ending, the retailer refunded their money. But, it serves as a cautionary tale to be careful – and maybe not buy right off the open rack.

Gift card grinches stealing balances

This one was fodder for friendly arguments – do you rinse/wash your chicken or turkey before you cook it? A lot of people do to get all that icky slime off. But, while it’s counter intuitive, the experts at the CDC and USDA say, “Don’t!” You can check out why here.

Why you shouldn’t wash your turkey

I hope you have a great weekend. I’m looking forward to my daughters coming home from college for a little turkey, football, and a cheesy Hallmark movie.


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