Hope for a Home: Meet Caroline

Series on KSAT 12 News features children dreaming of a forever family

By Myra Arthur - Anchor/Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - The saying goes, "There's no place like home." But tens of thousands of Texas children have no idea what that means.

Myra Arthur has started a new series called "Hope for a Home." It introduces viewers to kids who, every day, hope someone out there will find room for them in their homes and hearts.

Meet 15-year-old Caroline

Japanese is just one of the languages Caroline is learning. Some languages, she teaches herself.

15-year-old Caroline has promised herself that one day she'll visit Japan.

She's the first young woman featured in the "Hope For A Home" series that introduces viewers to local children longing to be adopted. 

Caroline has hope for a home. 

"One of my sayings is, 'Learn to dance in the rain, not wait for the storm to pass.' Because I mean, you're not going to learn anything if you just stay inside," Caroline said.

The Japanese Tea Garden is where Myra met and learned about Caroline. 

Myra: "You're into Japanese culture. So what is it about Japanese culture you're drawn to?" Caroline: "Honestly, I really don't know. I've just always been into Japanese culture. I bought myself books on the language. I'm still learning French. I'm almost done with my Spanish. I'm starting on Chinese in my class and I'm also teaching myself Korean."

On top of her love for languages, science in her favorite subject. She's also an artist. 

"I do paint, I do draw. If I brought some of them out here, I don't want to brag because I don't brag about myself," Caroline said.

MYRA: "But we would think they're pretty good? CAROLINE: "Yeah, you probably would, But honestly, I don't think they're that good."

Caroline has been in foster care for 11 years. 

At 15, Caroline said she's ready to be adopted and she's upfront about the challenges she's faced.

"I dont know, I was just a mad kid all the time because I never really had anyone there," she said. "I can process things better and keep a look to the future. I mean, honestly, I was going through major depression and I had lots of problems that I needed to deal with. And those problems aren't going to go away in the snap of a finger."

Caroline would like to go to places like the Japanese Tea Garden with her future family. 

"Just coming to have fun. Or like, see who can count the most flowers," she said. "I'm a really competitive person. Or like, how many stones are here? I'm just like that." 

Caroline may be competitive, but ask her what she's looking for in a family, and her answer is one hard to beat. 

"Honestly, I'm just looking for someone that will accept me for who I am. Not for what they read or see in a picture," she said.

Caroline is the president of an anime club which she founded at her school.

She said teachers tell her she's a natural leader.

Anyone who would like to adopt Caroline or wants to learn more about how to foster or adopt a child can call 210-337-3117 or visit adoptchildren.org.

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