'I love your city': Neil deGrasse Tyson talks San Antonio, science with Mayor Nirenberg

By Mariah Medina - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - On Wednesday, Mayor Ron Nirenberg sat down with world renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for a special "Ask Ron" Facebook live session. The pair talked San Antonio, science and more during a quick sit down chat.

Nirenberg asked questions ranging from why people should care about science, to what the physicist does outside of "the cosmos." 

Before Nirenberg could get deep into the questions, Tyson stopped and expressed his love for San Antonio, saying he loved the city -- namely the River Walk. 

"I go down to the River Walk, I don't ever want to come back out," Tyson told Nirenberg.

Tyson, who heads the Hayden Planetarium in New York, proceeded to give Nirenberg thoughtful responses without breaking his rule of not "(telling) people what to do, how to think or how to vote." 

"In a society that doesn't value the STEM field -- science technology and math -- you are basically bankrupting the future of the economy," Tyson said when asked why people should care about science. 

Tyson re-phrased his take by saying those who support STEM fields are contributing to "tomorrow's growth economies."

Tyson was in town on Jan. 17 for his Cosmic Collision show at the Tobin Center where he "explored and explained all the things that go bump in the night."

Check out Nirenberg's full sit down with Tyson below: 

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