Families Seek Answers In 2008 Double Slaying

Raymond Bustamante, Yolanda Cantu Homicide Cases Remain Unsolved

Three years ago, a brutal double slaying outside of a bar near Somerset left two people dead. Bexar County Sheriffs deputies investigated but came up with nothing.

The wounds are still fresh for the families of Raymond Bustamante and Yolanda Cantu.

"It gets close to his anniversary and you know, it's hard not knowing why or who," said Yolanda Perez, Bustamante's sister.

Perez said not a day goes by that she doesn't think about her brother and wonder why someone took his life.

For Yolanda Cantu's sister Rachel Casanova, it was a similar story.

"It's very hard for us, especially when (the anniversary) starts coming near, it's like very hard," said Casanova.

Casanova said the pain lies in what she called an inadequate investigation into her sister's death. She said sheriff's deputies aren't doing enough to find her sister's killer.

"I want to see somebody find these people that did this, the person that did this, because like I said, we need the closure to this," Casanova said.

Both families said they refuse to let the memories of loved ones fade.

KSAT contacted the Bexar County Sheriff's Office for an update to this case.

Deputies said the case is still open and being investigated, but they have no new leads.

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