Blood found in car, home belonged to missing mom

Officials won't rule out woman's husband, JR, as No. 1 suspect

SAN ANTONIO – Fifteen years after Bexar County mother Patty Vaughn disappeared, investigators are releasing new information in the unsolved case.

On Christmas Day 1996, Vaughn had a fight with her husband, JR, and called some of her family members distraught and crying. The next day, her blue minivan showed up, but no Patty.

Bexar County investigators showed KSAT-12 pictures that hadn't been seen by the public—a picture of Patty's home, her blue minivan and the inside of her living room.

Officials said they held on to the photos for years and are ready to discuss the case further.

"We have good, solid information, where we just didn't have that information before," Louis Antu with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office said.

For years investigators tried to rule out Patty's husband as a suspect, but simply couldn't.

"Every place that he claims to be, we just can't confirm that he's there, and we'd love to," Antu said. "We really want to rule him out so we can go sifting elsewhere if we need to."

Antu said any new information and review of old evidence always leads them back to their "primary suspect."

Authorities said blood found in the home and in the van is indeed Patty's; however without her body, it's a tough case to prove.

"We feel we have a very strong circumstantial case, we would love to go forward with it," Antu said. "We are working closely with the District Attorney's office and we'd like to go forward with it, but we've got to dot some I's and cross some T's."

JR Vaughn is currently living in Boise, Idaho. Officials said all other suspects in the case have been ruled out.

Authorities are still looking for witnesses or anyone who has information on the case to come forward.