County working to decrease number of high-water rescues

County working on 10-year flood control program

SAN ANTONIO – When it rains it pours and when it pours in Bexar county, it floods.

The city received around three inches of rain early Wednesday morning and that amount of rain in that amount of time means low-water crossings fill up fast and, as usual, there were rescues to be made.

The county is working on keeping the number of rescues low while implementing a regional flood control program.

"We can't do everything but we can do something and this is a start," said Paul Elizondo, county commissioner for Precinct 2.

The county is spending $500 million over 10 years to help drivers completely avoid those hazards.

Last October, the first project was completed: a bridge on Shepherd road near Elm Creek Elementary.

Ingram Road bridge is also open to two-way traffic. The 1,700-foot bridge will be completed as a four-lane cross over in March. It is already paying dividend.

"The new bridge apparently worked last night you guys didn't have anything to go film ," Elizondo said.

There are currently 50 projects in the works -- 41 on the design table, four under construction and four completed.

Two of the projects will save some 320 houses currently in floodplains -- saving residents and their investment

"Not only can people get back and forth, but on top of that, property values have gone up around those areas that were (near) the low-water crossing areas," Elizondo said

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