Local writer creates Super Bowl ad

Doritos-sponsored contest could award winner $1 million

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SAN ANTONIO – We're just over a week from the Super Bowl and with the big games always come some some great commercials.

But this year, one of the ads might have been written right here in San Antonio.

Eric Delgado's day job is in health care, but his passion is writing. That hobby led him to write a commercial for Doritos.

He entered it in a contest called Crash the Super Bowl, after producing the piece with two friends up in Denver.

Their ad got selected as one of five finalists out of 6,000 submissions. The trio found out in December.

"I was shocked, I just know the odds, I knew it was pretty ridiculous. I didn't believe it, they had to tell me four or five times, it's kind of amazing," said Delgado.

What's more amazing is their spot could run during the Super Bowl. Two of the final five spots will play and the ads will get rated by USA Today, against all others. If they score the highest rating, they win a million dollars.

In the meantime, Delgado has a plan. "We're just trying to stay focused, trying to get as many votes as possible because that's the key is getting people to get out there and vote."

Voting ends on the Jan. 29, and Delgado said he's grateful for each one they get. For every 100,000 votes received, one voter will win $10,000.

For complete instructions on how to vote and to see the entire spot, click here.