Seguin vandals arrested

Knight of Columbus Hall victimized several times in the past year.

SEGUIN, Texas – According to Seguin Police, three juveniles, all in their early teens, climbed on to the roof of the Knights of Columbus Hall late Tuesday afternoon, and damaged several HVAC components.

They then crawled into the air conditioning ducts and eventually fell through the ceiling.

"They went to the bar area and got them a couple of trash cans and filled them up with sodas and candy and chips, and drug it out the back door," said Hilmar Modin, manager of the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Before they left, they committed one last act of vandalism.

"They had broke in and set off a fire extinguisher and the whole inside was completely white with stuff from the fire extinguisher," said Modin.

The alleged vandals then took their stash to the 300 block of Gerdes Street, just one block away from the hall, and, according to police, it wasn't difficult at all to track them down.

"The powder from the fire extinguishers had got on to the trash cans. As they drug them off, they were able to trace to a general area and find them," said Lt. Jerry Hernandez, of the Seguin Police Department.

The teens are being held at the Guadalupe County Detention Center and are facing felony burglary charges.

Modin is hoping that now that they've been caught, the vandalism will stop.

"It just gets to the point where you wonder why you even have a place if somebody is going to try to tear it up," said Modin.