Small business owner reacts to State of the Union

SAN ANTONIO – The defining message of President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night centered around uplifting the middle class and helping the everyman succeed.

One local small business owner tells KSAT that he's cautiously optimistic after the speech, if a little bit wary.

"Tear down regulations that prevent aspiring entrepreneurs from getting the financing to grow," said the President, during Tuesday night's annual speech. "Expand tax relief to businesses that are raising wages and creating new jobs."

They were broad ideas, followed by applause from the Democratic faithful.

But does all that lofty Washington rhetoric ring true with San Antonio small business owners?

For that answer, KSAT went downtown to the Uptown Deli, and spoke to owner Jay Llora, who has owned the place for four years and has stayed afloat during a brutal recession. He viewed a transcript of the President's speech, and was asked if he thought the ideas were sound.

"Yes, especially the tax relief would help us out a lot," replied Llora.

He said he could use the extra funds, and would absolutely hire on more staff if he had the cash.

"Wait time would cut drastically, I mean we can't afford it right now, but with the tax relief sure."

But saying and doing are two different things. The President offered no specifics on how his ideas would be implemented, and Llora isn't holding his breath.

But displaying that optimism that most entrepreneurs have, Llora will plug on, not waiting around for a dead locked congress to solve his problems.