ARC volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels

SAN ANTONIO – Rainstorms and tornadoes notwithstanding, on Tuesday, many elderly residents still got their lunch happily delivered.

The delivery van was filled with Meals on Wheels volunteers, who are an example of giving back with joy in your heart.

They've been doing this for one year now -- Emily, Mary and other disabled young adults from the ARC of San Antonio, who are breaking a stereotype that many may believe.

They may be disabled in a variety of ways but they are gifted in many others.

"Miss Jane" is a former Special Ed teacher and is one of the recipients who looks forward to her lunch delivery every Tuesday morning.

Miss Jane becomes overcome with emotion when asked why this food delivery is different from any other.

"They make me feel worthwhile," she says. "They make me feel closer to God, knowing I'm doing something right."

Emily, too, echoes the value of giving back.

"I love them and I enjoy doing Meals on Wheels," she says. "It's fun and exciting."

The ARC says the partnership is truly a win-win for all involved.

"A lot of them can't work or can't attend college so this is a way that they are able to give back to the community and we've had great success," said ARC's Beth Green.

She said Emily and the others prove there are no special requirements to give of yourself except a open mind and open heart.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for more volunteers to deliver food to the elderly and shut-ins. Visit their website for more information.