Devine residents describe moments during tornado

Residents: Roofs flew in air; Debris hit, trapped people

DEVINE, Texas – Residents in Devine took cover when Monday night's twister touched down. KSAT spoke to people in the middle of the tornado as it roared overhead.

"Sure enough it hit the ground to where my wife was screaming and debris was hitting us," said Joey Samudio.

Samudio shot video that showed how fiercely the tornado sliced its way through South Central Medina County.

On Black Creek Road, trees were pulled from the ground and mangled fences littered the street.

"Everybody started freaking out when we saw the roof fly out the window," said Don Sigler.

Sigler came through the storm terrified at Charlie's Bar, the local ice house. Sigler said the mess trapped them inside after it passed. Neighbors saw the chaos and quickly started cleaning up.

Jessie Juarez said the storm hand picked his brick home. His daughter braved it in the bathroom. "It's the only thing that's standing," Juarez said.

His daughter's boyfriend, Michael Alvarado, went to find out if she was safe and described the scene.

"She's climbing out. Her mom had just helped her climb out of the restroom," said Alvarado. "I think God was really watching over her tonight. It was a miracle." Medina County officials did not confirm how many people were injured in Monday night's storm. No deaths have been reported.