Devine residents survey damage

More than 20 homes damaged

DEVINE, Texas – Residents in Devine on Tuesday were getting a good look at the damage caused by a tornado and trying to find a way to undo the trouble Mother Nature caused.

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown said as many as 25 homes were damaged or destroyed by a tornado that touched down just outside Devine shortly before 8 p.m. Monday. At least five people were treated for injuries, he said.

"I'd say from minor abrasions to a couple of them that were somewhat serious," Brown said. "One was a motorcycle that was storm-related from debris in the road. And some of them were from their homes, where their homes were blown off their foundations."

There were no immediate reports of death or missing persons from the tornado, Brown said.

The Salvation Army and American Red Cross opened up a shelter at the Devine Community Center, prepared to offer assistance to anyone who needed it. Volunteers said nine families showed up in the overnight hours, but by mid-morning, all had left.

Volunteers said many had left to stay with family and friends, while others wanted to see how their homes had weathered the storm.

Robin Yarbrough and her family were not home when the storm hit their house on FM 2200. They returned to find missing walls, a torn off roof and overturned animal trailers.

Yarbrough said, thankfully, all of her pets except one kitten had been found. She was also grateful the lives of her relatives had been spared.

"This is where our 16-year-old would've been," Yarbrough said, looking at what was left of a bedroom at the front of her home. "We were getting ready to move him into this room. So that's why we felt pretty darn lucky."

Amazingly, right next to two destroyed rooms were other items untouched by the monster storm.

Yarbrough said she's not worrying now about the repair job ahead, only focusing on all that the tornado spared.