Families in Natalia sift through storm debris

18-year-old woman injured after mobile home flips


NATALIA, Texas – Will Chavira and his family used flashlights to sift through the debris early Tuesday in their storm-damaged home in Natalia.
Several homes in Chavira's neighborhood were damaged and at least one person was injured by what many believed was a tornado.
"We got out just before it hit," said Chavira. "My wife just happened to look out the sliding glass door, she saw the funnel coming, we jumped in our car and took off."
The storm blew off part of the roof and blew out windows in the home and the car. Chavira said it was a close call. He, his wife and children left in the nick of time but there wasn't time to pack up the dogs. They were found safe in the damaged home but were left shaking from the ordeal.
Some neighbors weren't as lucky to come out unscathed. Bryana Nava said she was looking at pictures of the tornado in Devine with her grandparents when she heard a loud noise and screaming.
"We just heard a loud banging and I threw my sister and him (her son) in the restroom," she said.
The sounds was the mobile home next door flipping over. An 18 year old, Nava's cousin, was thrown out and the trailer landed on her leg.
Blaine Eaton, a retired Navy Corp man heard about the damage and showed up to volunteer medical assistance. He said he attended to the wounded girl.
"She had a big gaping wound on the left calf, inside, about the size of your fist," he said, "She flew out the trailer, the rest (of the family) were inside, they had bumps and bruises but they're okay."
The girl was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. Meanwhile, neighbors were left to salvage what they could.
"It's devastating, obviously, everything that we own is there," said Chavira, "The only positive note is we got away with our lives."