Residents near Lytle pick up pieces after storm

Families on Private Road 6744 count their blessings


LYTLE, Texas – Residents southwest of Lytle were picking up the pieces Tuesday after high winds, possibly a tornado, caused major damage on Private Road 6744, just off of Texas 132.
Amanda Chavira said she saw the storm coming Monday night, and immediately knew she didn't want to weather it in her mobile home.
"It was a perfect black funnel cloud right in the back of the house, and we just grabbed the kids and we ran," Chavira said.
One look at the damage where a tree smashed in the roof of her family's home, and she's glad they didn't try.
Just down the road, James and Donna Littleton rode out the storm in their bathroom.
"Thank God we're together. If we're going to die, we're going to die together," Donna Littleton said. "When we came out, just to even see it, we were just hugging each other thanking we're OK."
The Littleton's have a big mess to clean up. There's water damage in their kitchen, a storage building knocked off its foundation, and a bike wrapped around a tree.
A few houses down, Nathan Solano is picking up the pieces of a stone fence at his father-in-law's house. He watched the storm blow through as his little girls took shelter in a bathroom.
"All I heard was wind, gusts of wind just blowing and blowing. Trees hitting the roof up there," Solano said.
The wind and trees knocked down roof tiles and parts of the fence and toys and tree limbs are scattered across the yard, but everyone was safe.
For the Chavira family, despite damage from such a strong storm, surviving it was all that counted.