Storm damage felt in NE San Antonio

Major blow delivered to post office

SAN ANTONIO – While tornadoes touched down Southwest of San Antonio, winds still whipped up plenty of damage in the Northeast part of the city.

Tree limbs large and small lined the streets of some neighborhoods. Shingles were pulled off roofs, but the most serious damage was done to the main post office on Perrin Beitel.

Workers were out early cleaning up debris. One front window was shattered; a couple of other windows cracked. Tree limbs were down and the front sign torn up. 

According to Becky Hernandez,  with the post office's customer relations department, one delivery truck was blown over and a worker got some glass in his eye, but should be OK.

Major damage occurred in the back of the building where a storage shed was torn from its foundation.  

The roof ended up in one of the maintenance shop bays some 70 yards across the lot. Two bay doors were torn down.

"I didn't know the winds were that high. I didn't know anything had really happened that could cause all that damage," said Hernandez.

Even that punch from Mother Nature still could not keep the post office from their appointed rounds.

"We opened right at 8 o'clock this morning. There were no mail delays," Hernandez said.

It wasn't the same across the street at the Yes Cuts salon

They will stay closed until Thursday, after the salon sustained water damage due to parts of the ceiling collapsing.

After manager Marina Williams arrived, it nearly got worse.

"I was standing right there talking on the phone (and) that thing just collapsed right in front of me," said Williams, describing nearly being hit by a falling ceiling tile.

Across the parking lot, workers were replacing all the windows to the Sparks Diagnostic business after flying debris shattered them into little pieces.

"This is surreal. I mean, you see it on TV," said Joe Perez, the store's manager, as he looked on.

A car in the parking lot was also damaged -- Perez pointed out a piece of glass from his front door embedded into a tire.

"Can you imagine that hitting someone?" asked Perez

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