Storms tear apart West Bexar homes

Storm damage in west Bexar County
Storm damage in west Bexar County

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – Homes in far west Bexar County were heavily damaged by severe weather late Monday night.

Strong storms hit the area around Ted Williams Road and caused at least one minor injury.

Residents along Ted Williams Road said their home was destroyed and a nearby home had major damage.

KSAT spoke to several residents who said it was a frightening situation.  

"We were actually watching channel 12 to watch for the weather and all of a sudden, all the electricity went out," said Kelsey Camacho. "We got flashlights and a few minutes later we heard this unbelievable sound. It had been hailing and it just stopped and it sounded like a huge freight train."

The woman who was injured was taken to Santa Rosa Hospital. She suffered what appeared to be a broken ankle and is expected to be OK.

The National Weather Service hasn't confirmed if the storm in west Bexar County was a tornado or winds that caused the damage.