State leaders petition for education funding

Texas State Teachers Association calls for funding from Rainy Day Fund

SAN ANTONIO – Members of the Texas State Teachers Association joined state leaders Wednesday for a call to action from the Texas state legislature.

At a press conference Wednesday, the group presented a petition that demands that Governor Perry call a special legislative session. 

The petition also demands $2.5 billion from the rainy day fund to be spent on education, following budget cuts from the 2011 legislative session.

"Please stand with us today, please sign this petition. It not too late, we can stop these cuts, make the legislature go back to work, and help save our schools," said State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, addressing the audience of educators from around San Antonio.

According to the Texas Education Agency, 11,000 teachers have been laid off since last year's budget cuts, and more layoffs are expected.  Member of the TSTA say they have collected thousands of signatures for the petition.