Proposed DMV Facility angers residents

Leon Valley site project on hold


Plans to build a Texas Department of Public Safety DMV facility at the intersection of Huebner and Evers roads in Leon Valley have been placed on hold following protests by residents of several nearby neighborhoods.

According to Liz Maloy, president of the Pavona Place Homeowner's Association, they were not even aware the project was being built.

"They put up the site fence, they moved in their bulldozers and they started moving on the project not even talking to the city or going down and getting any permits at all," Maloy said.

Residents say the area is already a high-volume traffic area with six subdivisions as well as schools and churches.

"To add a thousand cars a day is unbelievable. People can hardly get out of their subdivision now," said Jeton Kellogg, who lives in the Pavona Place subdivision.

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