Man, 82, dies in freak lawn accident

Brushcutter severs legs


Edward Turgeon, 82, died Monday morning after suffering severe leg injuries while clearing heavy brush from his property in the 5600 block of South Flores. 

Turgeon was using an old-style bush whacker with a circular saw when he somehow fell and the blade cut both of his legs.

"The blade is not even sealed.  It's wide open," said Moses Garza, a longtime friend and tenant, who rented out space on Turgeon's property. "It's a dangerous piece of equipment there."

Bertha Hernandez, who lives behind the property was watering her plants Monday morning when she saw what she thought was a fire. 

"I thought it was coming from the shed in the backyard right here," said Hernandez, who told her roommate to alert the fire department across the street.

Before her roommate could reach them, firefighters were already on their way to the property, alerted by Turgeon's wife who was in the backyard when the accident happened. 

"She went and knocked on the door so they came over to help him out but it was too late already," said Garza.

"It happened so fast," added Hernandez.  "They were trying their best to keep him alive."

Turgeon who would have turned 83 next Monday, often did all the lawn care at the property, one of many he owned.

"He was around here all the time and he's got a bunch of properties around San Antonio and he always kept them up," said Garza. "He was a self-contained man. He was 82-years-old but he was strong."

"You wouldn't want it to happen to anybody," Hernandez said.  "It's so sad that he's gone already."