Jourdanton addresses faulty hydrants

City Manager: 4 of 6 non-working hydrants fixed


The City of Jourdanton revealed progress in its efforts to address several faulty fire hydrants that pose a risk to public safety Monday night.

City Manager Daniel Nick said a survey done by the Public Works Department turned up six hydrants that did not work properly.

Nick said four of those six hydrants have already been repaired.

"We're down to two hydrants now that are not operable. We'll have those fixed by the end of this month," said Nick.

The city became aware of the problem after two residents died in a fire during which the volunteer fire department encountered a non-working hydrant.

After the fire in early March, the City Council directed Nick and city staff to survey the city's 105 hydrants to see which ones did not work.

"The fire department feels a lot better, I feel a lot better," said Volunteer Fire Chief David Prasifka. "I'm sorry it had to happen the way that it did."

Nick said the two hydrants that remain out of service are close to functioning hydrants the fire department can tap into.