Reward offered for dog taken in stolen truck

Theft occurred at Pappasito's parking lot Sunday afternoon


Travis and Diane McLeod of Killeen are on a frantic search to locate their dog "Pooh," a 10-year-old peekapoo, that was inside their white Ford King Ranch F-250 pickup when it was stolen Sunday afternoon from the parking lot at Pappasito's along I-10 West.

The couple said they had stopped at the restaurant on their way back from their ranch, but they had Pooh with them because she had leg surgery a few days ago.

"We could take care of her better than anybody in her condition, we thought," said Diane McLeod.

She said besides her snowy white fur and black button eyes, Pooh is recognizable because she has staples on one of her legs, and she's in need of her pain medications and antibiotics.

Her husband said they had parked their truck next to a security guard in a golf cart, unaware there was a shift change when the theft occurred.

"They show up right in between shifts. It just seems odd," he said.      

He also said when the SAPD officer who arrived at the scene asked wasn't he aware trucks were being stolen in the San Antonio for use by smugglers on the border.

McLeod said, "I guess we missed the road sign. We didn't know about it."

But at this point, the McLeod's said their truck doesn't matter.

"Just return the dog. That's all we care about. The rest can be replaced," his wife said.

If anyone finds their dog, McLeod said he and his wife are offering a $3,000 reward.

"No questions asked," he said.

The couple said they can be contacted by calling 254-394-2287 or email dmcleod67@gmail.com.