Dance class leads to huge weight loss

Local YMCA dancer says 'Zumba' was key to losing weight

SCHERTZ, Texas – If you're still trying to lose weight in time for summer swimsuit weather, here is a bit of inspiration.

It starts in a hot studio at the YMCA in Schertz, where exercise is truly fun. 

It's called Zumba -- and the inspiration here is dynamic dance instructor Dacrie Brooks.

"We all love Dacrie," says student Tara Jeter. "She brings such attitude and spirit to the class."    

The attraction of Brooks, her students say, is the high energy level she brings to the class. 

Students do their best to emulate her Zumba moves.

"You want to do what she does," says Kirsten Sweet, "but it's impossible. She makes it so much fun, you don't even realize that you're exercising. It's like you're going to a party."

Brooks' Zumba success story is an amazing one. 

Just two years ago, she was 120 pounds heavier.  Then she went to her first Zumba class. She was hooked. 

"It was the only thing that I could do where I felt like I was having fun, but I wasn't really working out," Brooks said."But at the end of the class, I'd be drenched, so I did get a good workout."  

It's a familiar story for her students, who've stepped away from the treadmills and ellipticals, and into the "Dacri zone."

"We are faithful to Dacri," says Jeter. "We follow her wherever she goes."   

And the feeling is mutual. 

"I get to inspire other people, who inspire me back," says Brooks. "It's just Zumba love all around!"

So if you find yourself at the Schertz YMCA, consider this an invitation. 

"Come on and move with me, booty-shake with me, have fun with me, burn calories," says Brooks. "I guarantee by the time you are through (with) that 55-minute workout, you will feel amazing!"