Lemonade stand legacy continues to raise money for pediatric cancer

Event at San Antonio Children's Museum makes an impression on children


SAN ANTONIO – A lemonade stand sponsored by the San Antonio Children's Museum set an example of how kids can truly make a difference in the world.

Similar events are held across the nation through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which raises money for pediatric cancer research.

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"It's basically paying it forward," said 12-year-old Nolan LeBrier. "People do so much for you, so why not do something for the less fortunate kids?"

The founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, Alexandra Scott, was diagnosed with cancer when she was 1. When she was 4, she ran her first lemonade stand in hopes of raising money to help other kids with cancer.

She did this every year until she died at the age of 8. 

During her lifetime, she raised more than $1 million and since her death in 2004, the Foundation has raised more than $50 million.

San Antonio Children's Museum Marketing director Cathryn LeBrier said, "This is an opportunity to show children how they can help other children in need."

IMAGES: Lemonade stand

The event made a big impression on her own children, who were working the lemonade stand. 

"That just shows determination and really just kindness to others because she knew that she wanted to do things for other people, not just be self-centered around herself," said Nolan LeBrier.

"I think it's really nice because everybody's coming together to help everybody else," said 9-year-old Forrest LeBrier. "I like best that I know that at the end, I helped kids."