Multi-national company eyes possible expansion into SA

Maruchan Inc. of Japan produces Ramen Noodles

SAN ANTONIO – The city that trains military medical personnel, protects the nation's cyber-security, and builds sophisticated aircraft,  could be the newest site for a multi-national company that produces Ramen Noodles.

Bexar County Commissioners voted Tuesday to begin negotiations with Maruchan Inc. of Japan that is seeking a $5.7 million incentive grant to build a $325 million facility to export its products south to Mexico and north to the Midwest.

The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation announced the likely site will be in southwest Bexar County on 60 acres along Fischer Road, near I-35 South and Loop 410, where Maruchan will have a manufacturing plant, warehouse and shipping operation in the spring of 2014.   

Already in the area are several other companies like FAMSA, Schlumberger and Aramark, and a nearby Toyota dealership.

Henry Cisneros, who serves as chair of the EDF board, said Maruchan is the latest example of San Antonio reputation as a "jobs-friendly city."

"They come here and it's a successful plant and the word gets out, so I think we're on a roll right now," Cisneros said. "Not a week passes that we don't have somebody inquiring about our economic opportunities here."

Although San Antonio wants more higher paying technology and alternative energy jobs, Cisneros said the city's door is open to all types of jobs.

Paul Elizondo, Precinct 3 county commissioner, said he agrees fully with Cisneros, however he did voice some concern at Tuesday's meeting, about possibly granting an incentive to Maruchan, a company that will be hiring mostly contract workers at lower pay.

Cisneros said when Maruchan opens as hoped, "They will advertise maybe 500 jobs, but mark my words there is going to be thousands of people in line for those jobs."