NB man opens paddleboard river business

NB SUP Texas River Sport rents paddleboards on Comal River

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – To some, New Braunfels is synonymous with tubing down the river. But one man hopes to change that by getting Texans into paddleboarding.

Geoff Bailey owns and operates NB SUP Texas River Sport along the Comal River. He has been in business for roughly two weeks teaching anyone willing to try a new sport, exercise and way to enjoy nature.

Bailey moved to New Braunfels from Hawaii but says the Comal waters are still some of the most breathtaking he has ever seen.

"People have been missing out," Bailey said. "There's a part of New Braunfels they haven't seen yet."

He says not only can you enjoy the water while paddleboarding, but it is a core exercise engaging the muscles from your knees through your shoulders.

"You don't realize you're exercising when you're out on a board enjoying this beautiful, beautiful area you have in Texas," said Bailey. "It is as easy as standing on Mother Earth, I'm telling you."

Geoff says paddleboarding lets you to experience the river in a way you can't in a tube allowing you to go well beyond the exit signs for tubers.

"Leave the tubers behind," he said, "and you can go for miles into uninterrupted, secluded, gorgeous—epic, really— waters. The wildlife is just unbelievable."

And he says you can see that wildlife much better on a board.

"We're staring down into a fish tank," Bailey said. "You can't do that in a tube or kayak."

For more information on paddleboarding lessons, pricing, or NB SUP Texas River Sport, log onto www.supnb.com.

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