Vandals slash tires on dozens of vehicles

Up to 50 vehicles damaged at Redland Ridge subdivision


SAN ANTONIO – A North Side neighborhood was hit hard on Wednesday by vandals who slashed the tires on dozens of vehicles.

Neighbors living in the Redland Ridge Subdivision are both outraged and shocked that something like this would happen in their quiet neighborhood.

Although San Antonio Police did not have a rough estimate on how many vehicles were hit, neighbors say anywhere from 30 to 50 cars were targeted.

"This is quite a surprise, I didn't expect this here," said Raymond Giamona, who has lived in the subdivision since 1998. "This is a great neighborhood."

Though some residents insist this has never happened before, others like Longinos Zuniga say crime at Redland Ridge happens all too often.

Zuniga said vandals not only broke into his vehicle recently, but also slashed the tires on both of his cars today, costing him $240 to fix. One of Zuniga's vehicles was purchased just two weeks ago.

"I'm frustrated because it's not the first time it's happened," Zuniga said. "It's $240, it's a lot of money."

As police try to work with neighbors on the incident, the neighbors say they're going to keep a closer eye out for each other in hopes of preventing future incidents of vandalism.

Police urge anyone with information on this crime to call Crimestoppers at (210) 224-STOP.

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