Father's Day not as frugal this year

Average spending $117 on dad, retail industry says


SAN ANTONIO – Money still doesn't grow on trees, but consumers are expected to spend a little more on dear ol' dad this year.

The average consumer celebrating dad will spend $117.14 on gifts this year, a 10 percent increase over last year, according to a survey conducted for the National Retail Federation.

Eddie Shulze, dad to two children, said he's looking forward to a little barbecue.

"Besides doing barbecue on Father's Day, I always ask for tools, Craftsman tools, manly toys," he said.

At Sunset Ridge Hardware on North New Braunfels, shoppers could find manly toys and more, like weed whackers and electronic bug zappers.

"A classic is the whole barbecue grill category," said store owner  David Doyle.

He said a popular seller is the Yeti cooler, a super-insulated cooler.

"For hunting and fishing, when you're out in the heat for several days, you load this up with ice and it's going to be cold for five days down the road."

Just as bags of all kinds are popular gifts for moms, dad's bags are becoming popular. And, instead of flowers, the White Wing bags at Doyle sells, are of camo canvas and leather.

At Bolner's Meat Market, 2900 S. Flores, meat manager Joe Doria was butchering all kinds of steaks fit for a king of his castle.

"A lot of dads do like a big steak," Doria said pointing out the 16 oz. prime filet mignon or the 2.5 lb. steak Florentine.

While the gadgets and gizmos and maybe a round of golf are always appreciated, many dads said all they want to spend is time with their kids.

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