Homeowners claim builders lied about home sites

Homeowners urge city to stop issuing permits

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SAN ANTONIO – Homeowners who claim their homes were built on unsafe ground took their protest to City Hall Wednesday.

Residents who live in the Stablewood Farms subdivision said their home builders lied on federal housing forms. They claim their homes were built on a former sewage treatment plant that wasn't properly cleaned up and never disclosed to the buyers. Those residents said because of that, their homes are falling apart and some of them have suffered health problems.

Homeowners in the Fairhaven subdivision also protested. They said their homes were also built on unstable land and their foundation has shifted, which has caused serious problems.

The League for United Latin American Citizens had stepped in to help these residents in their fight.

"LULAC's main intention and motive is to make sure the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the UIG get involved and hold these people accountable," George Alejos with LULAC said. "Maybe by bringing them to the table, getting them prosecuted for violating the law will be an incentive for them to say let's sit down and talk."

These residents have urged San Antonio's city council to place a moratorium on any more permits for the builders until the investigation is complete or the builders agree to buy the homes back.

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