Jury convicts man in stand your ground case

Raul Rodriguez convicted of killing Kelly Danaher

Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez

HOUSTON – Jurors reached a verdict in the case of a neighbor charged in the death of a man at a birthday party in Houston.

Raul Rodriguez was found guilty of murder in the death of Kelly Danaher.

Danaher's wife, Mindy, was celebrating her birthday with a party at their home in Huffman, Texas, on May 2, 2010.

Prosecutors said Rodriguez lived near the Danahers. He was upset about noise coming from the party and went to the Danahers' home to confront them, prosecutors said.

Rodriguez took a gun, flashlight and video camera along, officials said. He videotaped the confrontation. That videotaped was played in court during the trial.

Investigators said the confrontation escalated and Rodriguez fired shots. Kelly Danaher was killed and two other men were wounded.

In closing arguments on Wednesday, prosecutors described Rodriguez as a bully who went to the Danaher home armed with an arsenal of weapons and knowledge of the Texas right to carry law.

"He felt like he had ultimate control," prosecutor Donna Logan said. "The control to determine who lives and who dies."

Defense attorneys said Rodriguez fired in self-defense.

"Just because there is a tragedy and there is a family is left behind, that does not mean that a crime has been committed," defense attorney Neal Davis said.

The judge in the case has revoked Rodriguez's bond and he will not be allowed to leave jail. He faces up to life in prison.