KSAT gets fracking rig tour


SAN ANTONIO – There are gadgets and joy sticks, video monitors and computer screens, but it's not a video game room -- it is a room for a drilling rig operator.

Chesapeake Energy has some 30 drilling rigs with thousands of feet of pipe headed for oil and natural gas. 

Since the discovery of fracking, the oil boom is different than in the past.

"We find a better way to do things on a daily basis," said D.A. Rice, rig superintendent.

Rice said he prefers a poly-crystal and diamond drill bits

They will bore an 8-inch hole and use 5-inch drill pipe, leaving three inches for the recycled drilling mud to make its way back to the surface for reuse.

The whole well drilling process from start to finish can take between 20 and 30 days. 

The added advantage of the new technology for fracking allows companies to drill several wells from the same platform, saving money and the environment.

"We are able to cover much more area of these leases, ergot you get more of the hydrocarbon," Rice said.

"Safety is Job 1 and this is not only for the employees, but it's also for the environment protection," said Adam Haynes, senior director of government affairs for Chesapeake.

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