NEISD school construction completion dates announced

Oct. 25 set for Las Lomas Elementary, Nov. 1 for Vineyard Ranch

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SAN ANTONIO – Northeast ISD parents are getting email this week about the latest on two construction projects that should have been completed by upcoming school year.

"(Summit Builders) gave the district new revised completion dates for both of the schools," said Aubrey Chancellor with NEISD. "So we're hoping that that comes to pass, but over the next few months, we will really be monitoring the progress very closely."

The revised completion dates are Oct. 25 for Las Lomas Elementary and November 1st for Vineyard Ranch.

This came after after Summit Builders announced last month that they would not meet their original deadline in July.

"Summit Builders had several subcontractors walk off the job and due to that, they said that they would not be able to complete the contract on time," said Chancellor.

As part of the contract NEISD has with Summit Builders, for every day that they go beyond the original completion date of July 17th, they will be paying a fine of $2,500 per day, per school.

"We went into a planning mode immediately when we first were informed that Summit would not be able to complete these projects on time,' said Chancellor. "As part of these plans, we know where kids will be at schools. We know how they will be getting to schools."

Chancellor said once they get a little bit further down the line, the district will make a determination for an official move-in date.

If the schools are finished by their new completion dates, the students could move in as early as a couple of weeks after those dates.

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