Residents speak out on Drive-In marquee design

Residents worried about possible negative sterotypes


SAN ANTONIO – A proposed mural for the historic Mission Drive-In's marquee has set off some people about it's possible negative stereotypes.

On Thursday night, the city's Office of Cultural Affairs held another meeting to get some feedback on what should be on display at the historic drive-in.

Jim LeFlore, the Public Art Manager with the Office of Cultural Affairs, said they are hoping to come up with something that would be welcoming to everyone.

"We certainly have been clear that we are trying to find that middle path," said LeFlore. "Somewhere where we are not going to be creating angst about this. This should be a source of pride and that's where our efforts are."

Earlier this year, a proposed mural from an old photo drew some controversy after some groups thought it would bring out negative stereotypes. The old photo depicted one figure with a sombrero and the other with a donkey.

On Thursday, the photo drew strong emotions on both sides of the issue.

"I rather it be left that way," shouted one man at the meeting.

However, most of the people at Thursday's meeting said they are hoping that something else will be picked to be displayed on the historic marquee.

"We're all affected by it," said John Ontieveros, a resident who lives close to the drive-in. "I'm just hoping that people will be sensitive on what kind of drawings they have proposed. That's all I ask for."

LeFlore said they are looking to host another public meeting sometime next month.

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