'Kidnapped' boy returned to police

Gabriel Rivera, 3, is said to be in good condition


SAN ANTONIO – A 3-year-old boy who San Antonio police were told had been kidnapped has been found safe and sound.

Police Chief William McManus said a relative brought Gabriel Rivera, 3, to the department's Central Substation on N. Frio Street around 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Gabriel had been the subject of an Amber Alert during the morning commute. Information about his alleged abduction, along with the license plate of the vehicle he was believed to be in, appeared on TransGuide signs along local highways.

A website for The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children also named two adults with whom Gabriel was believed to be.

McManus said another relative filed the report shortly after midnight Tuesday, telling police that the boy's uncle had kidnapped him at a funeral Sunday.

According to a police report, the funeral was for a woman appointed by Child Protective Services as Gabriel's legal guardian.

The uncle believed, in light of the woman's death, that he should have custody, the report said. The uncle's identity has not been released.

McManus said a relative returned the boy after hearing about the kidnapping alert.

"The relative who took the child initially saw the Amber alert and decided to return the child," McManus said. "They brought the child to the Central substation and the child is in good condition."

The boy was given over to his biological grandmother. The family is working with CPS to create a safety plan for the boy.

The uncle and his wife were questioned by detectives. Police found that there was no criminal intent on the uncle's part.

A police spokeswoman said no charges will be filed against the uncle or his wife in regards to the kidnapping.

The uncle will be charged in connection with some unrelated outstanding traffic warrants.