Area hotels expecting sold out weekend

Many travelers opting for longer vacation


SAN ANTONIO – Folks are packing their bags, and heading away this Independence Day.

For the first time in five years, the July 4 holiday falls on a Wednesday, which some local hotel managers say has not deterred travelers from getting away.

"It's a lot of staycations, for sure. Most of the travel is inside the state of Texas, so Dallas, Houston, Austin markets, and a lot of families."

Derek Ellis, manager of the JW Marriot, says both last weekend and this weekend have been sold out at his hotel.

The holiday falling on a Wednesday, isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"The holiday in the middle of the week hasn't really affected us that much at all," said Ellis. "Occupancy coming in and out of the July 4th holiday itself has been great for us."

Over at the Crowne Plaza downtown, General Manager Scott Larsen said, they, too, are sold out Wednesday through the weekend.

Larsen said many travelers are using the holiday as an opportunity to get away for the entire week.

"A lot of people take extended vacations that way," Larsen said. "Instead of a three day weekend, it might be a four- or a five-day weekend. It just depends."

With so many hotels already sold out, it's important to do know what to expect before you roll out those bags.

"It's always fun to just get in and go and good luck," said Larsen. "But as strong as the markets can be, and as last minute as they are, leisure travel wise, do your homework in advance, make sure you have a place to get to."

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