Fourth of July celebration serves as history lesson

Patriotic ceremony marks Independence Day


SAN ANTONIO – It was a departure from the traditional Fourth of July celebrations the city has become accustomed to on Independence Day.

The Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez staged their 28th annual Fourth of July ceremony at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Wednesday morning.

The ceremony began with the firing of a musket shot symbolically commemorating "the shot heard round the world" that began the United States' war for independence.

"We try to provide to the audience what the Fourth of July is really all about," said Joe Perez, the organization's governor.

The ceremony included a fife and drum corps performance and a musket brigade that fired a salute to our nation, its founding patriots and fallen soldiers.

Perez said, "We try to have this ceremony be very concentrated on the soldier, starting with the American Revolution and all soldiers who fought for our independence."

Members of the organization dressed in traditional period uniforms worn during the 1776 revolution.

"We feel this day is more than just hot dogs, fireworks and barbeque," said Perez. "It is about remembering those who established our country: the founders of our country back in 1776."

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