Camp Discovery opens to kids with cancer

American Cancer Society puts on free camp


KERRVILLE, Texas – The Greatest Camp on Earth is the theme of this year's Camp Discovery, a place where children with cancer can get a full camp experience amid their struggle with the disease.

On Tuesday, horses dressed as lions, bears, and tigers put on a show for the campers.

"Happy nappy, then we get our bathing suits on, then we go paint, then swim, then we go to the carnival," said camper Sarah Martinez.

The horses were the idea of a Camp Discovery alum, who upon surviving the disease in 2000, got a miniature horse.

Now, Meghan Hooper runs Camp Discovery.

"Now I get to spend time with the kids and see the hard work paid off and give them the same experience I had when I was little.

Hooper's mother volunteers at the camp as well.

"I have been the parent of a child who was here so I know how special it is every year," said Bronagh Floyd. "They count down the days to come to camp."

"It's a whole new perspective, to see a kid fighting for his life compared to my little life problems that I think are so significant," said Joey Cavazos, the camp's co-director.

Camp Discovery is put on the by the American Cancer Society at no cost.