SAPD: Truck with dead man inside was reported stolen

Police searching for 2 suspects


SAN ANTONIO – A pickup truck in which a man was shot to death early Tuesday in a South side parking lot had been reported stolen earlier this month, according to San Antonio police.

The vehicle is registered to a man who lives on the Northwest side of town, police said.

However, they said they do not suspect that the owner was involved in the murder.

Neighbors who heard gunshots called officers to the Pollyanna apartments in the 200 block of W. Dickson Ave. around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Once on the scene, police found the body of a man sitting inside a parked pickup that had its engine still running. They said it appeared the man had been shot.

"Multiple times in the torso. I'm not sure how many times he was hit," said Sgt. Bobby Bradley, with SAPD.

Several rounds also hit the victim in the head, a police report stated, as well as another truck parked nearby.

Police did not release the man's name immediately, but did say he was 42 years old.

During the investigation, as officers marked off areas where bullet casings were found, neighbors watched, and also worried about their future.

"I know we've got to move out of here already. This is bad," said Serenity Barrientes, cradling her 4-month-old son in her arms. "It's just dangerous being here. There are fights around where we live, and it's just too dangerous."

While some said they're planning to find other places to live, police were not sure where the victim lived. They determined that he did not own the truck in which he was killed.

A police report said a witness told police he saw two suspicious vehicles speed off from the area about the same time as when the shots range out. The report describes them as a white car and red car.