Fairhaven homeowners upset with conditions of houses

Homeowners angry with builder, Pulte Homes


SCHERTZ, Texas – Some residents living in the Fairhaven sub-division in Schertz are continuing their campaign to get their houses fixed or bought back.

One resident opened the doors to her home. A tour revealed cracks on the wall and a big one across the floor.

"This is supposed to be my home that I am supposed to stay with and look what it's turned in to," said Melindia Ruiz.

There was a crack in the floor that runs the width of the house. The crack is a quarter-inch wide or more in some places. Two tiles buckled up an inch in the living room.

Ruiz said Pulte was out at the house to fix the tile four previous times before they finally replaced it all -- that was before the latest crack.

The walls have cracks, all marked with blue painters tape and notes marking the day of the crack. 

The back door does not open or close properly. Ruiz said it has been fixed four times.

Pulte spokeswoman Valerie Dolenga said the builder has not heard from Ruiz about the problem and will "reach out to Ruiz."  

Dolenga said they want to get a third-party engineer to her home, look it over, sit down and talk about a solution.

Dolenga also pointed out other homes in the neighborhood that are under repair.

Ruiz's solution: "I want them to buy my house back ... so I can move on with my life. "

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